About Us

Motivated by the need for a sustainable food system, Mealiways is poised to play a part in the upcoming nutritional revolution. Our solution addresses the environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional meat production and provides a pathway to a more sustainable and secure future.

focus on non-GMO stem cells, our innovative approach, utilizes suspension culture technology, which enables efficient scale-up and mass production of cultured meat. This technology allows us to produce meat in a cost-effective manner, eliminating the need for scaffolds or micro-carriers commonly used in other production methods.

With the Right
Collaboration, Great
Things Can Happen

Feed Better Group, a Feed-to-Food company, has teamed up with Accellta, a biotechnology company located at the Technion, to bring together their respective advantages and expertise to establish Mealiways Technologies, a Food-Tech company with a mission of making cultured meat products accessible to everyone. Accellta is known for its cost-effective, large-scale production of non-GMO stem cells that are grown without antibiotics or hormones. Feed Better Group is a leader of both the traditional food industry and feed-mill industry. Through this collaboration, Mealiways is poised to play a part in the upcoming nutritional revolution.


Our cultured meat is produced using non-GMO stem cells which enables us to grow high-quality meat, without the need for animal slaughter or the environmental impact of traditional meat production. Advanced bioreactor systems and specialized culture media support the growth and differentiation of the cells in suspension culture. With our technology, we can produce meat at industrial scale, while also ensuring the safety and quality of our products, ensuring that our meat is both nutritious and delicious. Our team is committed to staying at the forefront of the technology, and we continue to invest in research and development to create the best products.

3D suspension culture

It’s all about the cells.¬†
No scaffolds.
No carriers.


Mass Production

Culturing pluripotent stem cells non-GMO in high quantities in large bioreactors suitable to the industrial production of meat

Customized Product

A key advantage is the ability to control the product nutritional composition, including the fat percentage which can be tailored to meet the preferences and dietary needs of consumers 


Bovine ground meat

Through pioneering advancements in cellular agriculture, we are cultivating real bovine cells to replicate the taste, texture, and nutritional composition of conventional meat.

Fish Fillets

Harnessing the power of cellular agriculture, we are on a mission to revolutionize the seafood industry by creating sustainable and ethically produced fish fillets.

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