Revolutionizing meat,
one cell at a time.

Masterfully crafting scalable, customizable,
and economically viable cultured beef and fish.

Not Compromised.

Real Meat. Complete Composition.
Authentic Experience.

About Mealiways

Mealiways uniquely replicates traditional meat's taste, texture, and nutritional value by including the full spectrum of components of traditional beef and fish. We masterfully craft scalable, customizable, and economically viable products by harnessing our proprietary 3D suspension technology. This innovation allows us to offer a real meat solution without the environmental footprint or ethical dilemmas.



Consistent &
Reliable Supply


True Culinary

Ensured Safety
& Precision

Technology & Scale

Making Meat Matter
Mealiways' patented 3D suspension culture technology revolutionizes meat production. Non-GMO pluripotent stem cells are cultivated in advanced bioreactors, crafting meat without the need for scaffolds or microcarriers. This innovative approach supports environmental sustainability and scalability, driving the future of responsible meat production.

Composition & Products

Tailored to match traditional meat’s taste and nutrition
Mealiways' technology enables a new level of meat customization, offering tailored options to match traditional meat's taste and nutrition. This precise control creates versatile applications for both fish and bovine products. Sourced from native cells, the entire cultivation process is free from scaffolds, serums, carriers, GMOs, antibiotics, and hormones, ensuring a product that is as wholesome as it is innovative. Mealiways excels in mass production with high-density cell cultivation, offering a scalable supply that meets year-round demands of the food industry and consumers alike.


Hagit Domev-Cohen


Anna Yaakov-Altshuler

PhD, Senior Scientist

Bassam Hosiesy

Bioprocess Researcher


Omer Lavi

Director & Chairman

Menash Shalom


Shlomo Pleban

PhD, MBA, Director

Michal Amit

PhD, Director

Rona Samler


Prof. Peretz Lavie

Founded on pioneering stem cell research and food industry expertise, Mealiways is positioned at the forefront of the cultured meat revolution. Our technology is patented, proven, and ready for global deployment, supported by a team with a profound commitment to sustainability and health.

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